Misalignment will be a thing of the past.

B The Line Golfing Aid


Btheline is designed to be a visual aid to help place the golfer's feet and body in alignment with their target. It will help minimize misalignment when the golfer sets up for putting, chipping, pitching, and any full swing.

When you install the Btheline in your shoes, your eyes can't help but focus on the perpendicular line to the target.

Btheline is an alignment stick that moves with you.

B The Line Golfing Aid


Correct misalignment

Misalignment of the feet and body can lead to a drive being 10 to 50 yards off line of intended target or a putt being 1" to 12" off line of the hole.

Insert through laces

Simply insert the Btheline in between your laces facing the direction of your swing. Once you've inserted it into both shoes, you're ready to go!

Align the Arrows

Align yourself to your target. Make sure the arrows are pointing to your target.

B The Line Golfing Aid


“The Btheline worked very well for my students,their alignment is much better now. Great teaching aid!”


“I used the Btheline for the first time with a student that had a hard time aligning her feet when putting. When I put to Btheline in her shoes it was AMAZING she lined up right away and started making those 10’ to 6’ putts that she would miss before the Btheline.”


“One of the best alignment teaching aids, I have seen in my 20 years of teaching golf.”


“Makes my job of teaching alignment much more EZ. The Btheline moves with my students, unlike alignment sticks that have to be moved with each shot.”


“My Daughter had a problem with her alignment with most of her shots Drive, Pitch, Chips and putts. Then we found the Btheline and if fixed her alignment problem right away, because now she is forced to look at her feet for alignment to her target”


“This Btheline is awesome ,once I put it between the shoelaces of my students, they all told me ‘I SEE IT’. This cute little gadget means more than a thousand words.”


B The Line Golfing Aid



I have been working as a professional golf instructor for eleven years at a junior golf academy with children age 4-17. I also do private lessons for adults, but no matter the age of my students, the one mistake that I have seen most often is misalignment (off line) of the golfer's feet. I would work with students time and again trying to get them to align their feet to the target on the putting green or fairway, but I soon discovered that the majority of children and adults could not see the line. After working with thousands of children and adults golfers, both experienced and beginners, I have come to the conclusion that people may struggle with seeing the correct line to the hole or target right away, resulting in body misalignment. In discussions with my fellow golf instructors about different teaching techniques,we would all agree that it's a challenge to get some students to see the line that their feet should be on. I have been on a mission to fix this misalignment to help all golfers and make my job, and the job of other instructors, easier. I have tried most training aids on the market today, such as alignment sticks or other aids, but none worked well for long because of the need to move and re-align with each shot. One day, as I am working with a very bright and talented four year old golfer on the putting green, I noticed that she had difficulty putting her feet in the correct alignment to the hole. I went into the club house, got some paper and a marker and tape, and drew an arrow on two pieces of paper. I taped one to each of her shoes with the arrows pointing at the hole, and just like that she started making putts! From that day on, I have been making different proto-types and I now have Btheline which will work with all lace up shoes and some Velcro tab shoes as well.